From strategic planning to organizational performance

In our hyper-connected world, new trends emerge daily and come into play at an unprecedented pace. It is at once a threat and an opportunity.

Ascendis was born from the desire to help organizations stand out.

We do this through strategic and economic development plans. By optimizing organizational efficiency. And via the performance of marketing activities.

Our consultants are senior leaders and experts in their field. We support companies of all sizes and in all industries, that are facing the challenge of building strong brands and vying to creatively to push the boundaries of their markets.


Known for our outspokenness and our expertise, the multidisciplinary Ascendis team stands out for its agility as well as for its wealth of experience. Like our clients, we believe in rigorous analysis of information, a strategy of differentiation, and the willingness to exceed expectations by taking calculated risks.

Ascendis. Boldness is a wise choice.