The wisdom to think boldly.

Ascendis is a management consulting firm with an entrepreneurial culture that is fueled by the proactive, efficient and personal involvement of our senior team. Our multi-disciplinary team is known for its track record as well as its results-oriented, pragmatic, analytical and customer-focused approach. We believe that winning strategies are developed and executed through fact-based analysis, an innovative and differentiated approach to market and customers, as well as a willingness to make smart bets.


Strategic planning to organizational performance

In our hyper-connected world, new trends emerge daily and come into play at an unprecedented pace. It is at once a threat and an opportunity.

Omnichannel strategy and execution

We help retailers, distributors and manufacturers navigate today's ever-changing and highly competitive environment while rethinking their go-to-market strategies.


Adrenalys is a private, multidisciplinary group dedicated to supporting 25 SMBs and their management teams through innovative 360-degree professional services.